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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on board these medic units carry the most advanced life saving equipment with a paramedic capable of performing life-saving medical procedures, something a basic ambulance unit doesn't have. >> right now, our data shows we have a limed call volume from 1:00 a.m. to seven a.m., in particular of -- and particularly to als response. >> reporter: those calls are overnight and with scarce resources, the department believes it's better to shift 14 medic units to peak daytime hours. in our fox 5 investigation, the union which represents firefighter paramedics warned it could endanger lives. >> we have huge concerns over the 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. block. that there will not be any paramedic transport units. it's a 36% decreased in our capability to transport patients for the hospital. >> reporter: during the hours, the department said that each medic and ambulance unit handles about two calls and the city has 21 paramedic engine
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companies that can respond with firefighters who are trained as permits -- paramedics. the engines can't transport patients and for, that they will have to wait for one of the city's basic ambulance units. last night on fox 5 news at 10, the chief tried to justify the decision. >> can you say definitively that you're not putting people's lives at risk here? >> i don't think tt we're putting the public at risk at all. mast -- as a matter of fact, i think we're going respond better during the day. we'll have more units on the street. >> reporter: fire department resources say the real power is manpower, short by up to 100 paramedics. one paramedic who spoke to fox 5 worried about what might happen. >> some -- hope and [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: they must be vetted by the d.c. council before changes are made and complicating matters, the two unions in the department are at odds over this plan. the union, which represents civilian paramedics who staffed the medic units, believes this
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is the special -- best use of scarce resources. the union which represents the firefighter paramedics believed that patients are definitely at risk. definitely not a done deal here. that is the latest here in northwest. brian, back to you. >> and with sentenceing day for kwame brown, the former chair monof the d.c. city council, he will not serve a minute behind bars as one day in custody amounted to wearing shackles after the first hearing. he am serve six months home detention, 480 hours of community service. >> and, obviously, this is difficult for them. you don't want to see anyone you care about get sentenced to any sentence. this is difficult and they optimistic and they will see -- be home for dinner. that is good. >> and this is a short time ago. brown was released from custody and did shot speak. brown didn't use his office for personal games or defrauded the people he prepresented --
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represented. the man accused of being the east coast rapist was expected to plead guilt when he he changed his mind. he signed a plea deal days ago. when it came time to admit his involvement, he backed out. paul wagner has the story. paul? >> reporter: the clerk read the charge in open court, and the judge asked thomas for his plea. when the accused serial rapist paused for 20 seconds before saying he didn't know what to do. after a brief recess, thomas' attorney told the court that they would go to trial. court records show airplane thomas exhibited bizarre behavior in the 20 months since he was taken into custody. he's mutilated himself. for a time, refused to cooperate with his attorneys and pursued an insanity defense dropped october 25th. just days ago, thomas agreed in writing to admit his involvement in the rapes of two teenage girls in a wooded area behind a dale city shopping mall on halloween night 2009. >> i was hoping that we would
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be able to have a disposition without having to involve the victims in this case and make them relive what happened to them back on halloween of '09, but that looks like at this juncture, that not going to be in the cards. >> thomas was arrested after dna from a discarded cigarette butt linked him to a series of rapes in four states. the court records show thomas is scheduled for a plea hearing in loudoun county on november 30th for a rape that occurred in leesburg in 2001. so far, that court date has not been changeed. brian? >> paul wagner tonight. the sex scandal that alleges cia director david petraeus resigning is widening. earlier today, they spotted his mistress at her brother's house in northwest d.c. she was wearing jogging clothing. a new revelation today, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is under investigation after he allegedly had inappropriate
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communications with that tampa socialite. >> he has faith in general allen and believes he's doing and has done an excellent job. and i would rephrase the pentagon for the process underway with regard general allen. >> the pin is investigating his communication with jill kelly, the woman who triggered the fbi investigation and uncovered the affair between pet rayus and broadwell. they're looking at thousands of e-mail exchanges, some of which are said to be flirtacious in nature. general john allen's involvement in the scandal could lead to a rare case of a top battle field commander being court-martialed. allen maintains his innocence. if the defense department investigates and is found guilty, he could -- [ indiscernible ] a news alert
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out of charles county, a 17- year-old arrested after killing a d.c. cab driver that might be linked to a double shooting in maryland. lauren demarco is live in la plata with the latest. lauren? >> reporter: some closure for residents in a waldorf neighborhood where the double shooting occurred. police say the 17-year-old joshua is facing first-degree murder charges and also attempted murder charges. he is the allegedly the shooting, the suspect in the shooting of a husband and wife in which the woman did not survive. the charles county sheriff's office received information about him from d.c. police because last friday, he and another juvenile female were arrested for the death of a d.c. cab driver. the man's body was found on wednesday in a burning cab that had run off of a driveway and into a fence on the 4900 block of brentwood parkway in northeast. the cab driver was shot in the head. while investigating that case, d.c. police learned some
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information that led them to believe that he was a suspect in the earlier shooting in waldorf. october 26th, husband and wife shot while walking their dog along a foot path between hampshire circle and westlake high school. the woman, theresa mendez bath later died at the hospital. her husband, who we're told is a fireman, underwent several surgeries and is recovering. he's released from the hospital and he was relieved, we're told, to hear about this arrest. >> and that short time we talked with him, actually the sheriff talked with him and the shei was the the person who broke the news to him. he was, again, very emotional and very happy that we caught mr. mcbane. >> police say that they did find a semi automatic weapon in the home of joshua mebane's parents in the hampshire neighborhood of waldorf. that gun was linked to some of
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the shell casings in the woods where the couple was shot. the gun has not been linked so far to anything in d.c. d.c. police conducting their own investigation and he remains in custody there. that is the latest in charles county. back to you. >> all right. straight ahead on the news edge, trouble in paradise. >> the story is so bizarre and preposterous, it's hard to believe. >> an american software company found or the run in belize after his connection to a murder. and still a controversial year but chick filet comes out on top as a favorite among customers, sue. >> and i don't know what is hearsay. the temperatures in the low 50s like the breeze today or the warmer days like yesterday. i will let you know what to expect tomorrow and when our next chance of rain is. coming up but it will be a cold night. scott, what is coming up in sports? >> another mom away from baseball awards and we're minuteas,way from finding out if dave johnson won manager university year -- manager-of- the-year award and the nfc east
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is up for grabs. that is straight ahead. ig
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. john mcafee is wanted for questioning in a murder. authorities say he is heeding in belize after his neighbor was found by his housekeeper shot to death inside the home. the police believe he's a person of interest and investigators say after the crime, he gave a bizarre interview with a magazine declaring his innocence. mcafee gaped fortune by building the antivirus company and has lived in central america since 2008. disgraced illinois governor rod blagojevich is working in the prison library. that is a coveted position at englewood. the low facility where he's serving time. he was working in the kitchen washing pots and pans. he's serving a 14-year conviction for corruption. chick filet is the most
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popular restaurant. it was voted number one by consumers, raising cane and boston markets second and third. earlier this year, chick filet faced a steep public disapproval after coming out against gay marriages. the drastic proposal for revamping a system. and field fight, the new developments in a long-standing dispute over an organic farm, and remember her, an ohio woman caught on camera driving on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus unloading children. and she's now facing the consequences of her actions. the judge ordered her to wear a sign reading only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. she must wear the sign for one our and two days. two days.
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. we continue in the district where two dozen school are to shutown. john henrehan has more on details. john? >> reporter: compared to surrounding cities and counties, d.c. has a lot of schools. 123 schools and 117 buildings. administrators want to cut the number of buildings and focus resources. in a nutshell, he's the problem. a few years ago, there were 85,000 students in the d.c. public school system. today, there are 45,000 students. chancellor henderson said it's time to close 20 more school buildings and concentrate resources at remaining schools. and on that hit-list, farraby hope academy where many of the buildings are no longer okay boyed. nowadays, there are 215
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students in the large farrahby hope building. >> we can not continue to invest in the same things that we have been investing in that have gotten us the results that we have gotten. we have made some progress but need to make more radical progress and that means concentrate ourselves resources into the things that we know will affect teaching and learning. >> reporter: a large part of the problem? explosive growth of the city's charter schools, which are drawing away about 44% of the city's public schools students. one public school parent at farrahby hope, however, was a fouled at the pending closure. >> hope has come a long ways and within the last two years, they have a pretty good school now. -- the school around tremendously, and that is sad they're closing. they going to put everyone stuff, all of the kids in the elementary school? and that class is going to be an old cloud of the kids that won't learn with the way they're supposed to learn.
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>> reporter: chancellor henderson said it's the underenrolled schools that tend to have more kids per classroom. there are fewer teachers to go around. the chancellor doesn't want d.c. to dispose of the school buildings because demographers are predicting the 20 somethings move into this city the last few years will start families the next few years and it's possible the demand for city schools could increase in the future. brian? >> the dispute is raging for more than a year whether the montgomery county school board can sell or lease land. or turn the property into a soccer field where the organic farm stands. members timed -- filed a lawsuit against the county and school boarding them to settle the dispute. not much growing out there tonight, brian. the temperatures are dropping and that is going to be a cold one, although we got beneficial rain last night and some heavy downpours. this is a record rain first day at dulles and getting close to .9 of an inch of rain.
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reagan national with a half an inch and at bwi-thurgood marshal and that rain beginning last night and concluding before the noon hour. as promised, cooler, too. and this is the last of the rain shower activity looking at the radar in motion the last few hours and a little bit lingers on the eastern shore and that is some clear skies for the rest of us and that -- rest of us and that will rule the roost tomorrow. lots of sunshine as the high pressure is building in. the winds will get lighter andy that blustery through the day and that means we're going to get chilly tonight. i wanted you to see temperatures already in many spots down into the 30s including 39 in frederick and gaithersburg and martinsburg; 36 for hagerstown and 46 for the district. so, a chilly night is expected, the sun going down earlier and earlier and we have a bit of a windchill to deal with still, even though the winds have gotten lighter. you can see that feels like it's colder. some lices -- places feel like they're in the low 30s and dress for the chill the in, few
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hours and as the winds lighten up, it will be getting cold as the high pressure -- high pressure builds in overnight and means chore skies and temperatures drops into the 20s and 30s. if you had anything still remaining outside, they won't get issued anymore because the growing season is considered to be over. it will definitely be cold enough for a hard freeze in many areas, including 20s, upper 20s for hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester and into gaithersburg; 33, baltimore and 35 for d.c.; 29, cumberland and that is a cold one, for sure, and the temperatures below freezing in the suburbs, 35 degrees in the city and winds will lighten up a bit in the north to five to 10 miles per hour. a nice bright day tomorrow, staying cool, though, and below average. the temperature is about 50 degrees and not as windy tomorrow and prepare for chilly sunshine. at 8 in the morning, looks look our temperature is 38 degrees and colder in the suburbs, by 91, about 37 and by 4:00, 48 degrees and as we go through the next few days, things are
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fairly set -- settled and temperatures fairly common with a lot of sunshine. we wanted to show you our future cast. while we don't have much going on in the way of rainfall, we're noticing a bit of disturbed weather along the coast and looks like the next chance of anything getting in here in terms of rain may hold off until the weekend and to the south to get rain on friday. on our fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast, we're going to hold that rain off until probably some time on sunday. where we will put the forecast showers in as well as on monday and hopefully it clears out by tuesday. we know a lot of people next week, brian, are going to be hitting the road and traveling somewhere. and so we'll keep an eye on that and our next chance of rain is next in the season. new york's rockefeller sea is expected to arrive tomorrow. it's cut down from a home in flanders, new jersey. the crews used a chain saw to carefully cut it down and placed it on a trailer with a
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crane. the annual tree lighting ceremony takes place in two wes. the nats skipper and a chance to bring home hard work. the announcement moments away: the producers behind rebecca black's "it's colder song." the tune is a viral hit. 4million views on youtube. you
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. the odds are not good for the skins. in the current team play-off format, three teams started 3-6 and made the post season and snuck in with a wildcard birth and none won the decision.
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the redskins are leaving the odds plans to the folks in vegas and think they have a shot to the nfc east and may have to do with how they're plan playing. the giants are the front runners at 6-4 and they have lost the last two, including an 18-point whopping to the bengals on sunday and the other three teams, skins included, are 7-14 outside of the division. dallas, 4-5 and philly might be in worse shape than the skins at 3-6 and they're losers of five straight. it's down for a -- doubtful a wild card team is coming out of the east. the best shot is to win the division and they 2 1/2 games out with seven to play. >> and people look at you and they that is over or you didn't have a chance and you look at everyone else and we're in the same boat. at the end of the day, as long as you don't have that mind set as players, you'll be all right. >> anyone's confidence, you know, and we control the destiny, so to speak, and we need a little help somewhere, but if we come out and play and
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la jolla like we're capable of that and get a couple of winds going, we're writing to pittsburgh. >> with a handful of injured quarterbacks, sean petty is trying to lead maryland to a game. and he has a tough task ahead. the terms need to win the final two games to become bowl eligible, starting saturday against number 10 florida state. i have a feeling he's up for tough tasks. the freshman has two weeks of college qb experience. after starting the season on defense, and there is a no-win situation for him. he performed admirably and he's 15 of 30 in two games and the coach hopes this is a good one. >> i would love to see the place filled this weekend, again, to pay the respects to the seniors, most especially. and also, to this team for how they battling.
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and though they're handling, you know, all of these things. >> and to maryland hoops, the terps coming off of the first win of the season last night at home. the moorehead state, 67-45 and a big bonus the first two games, the xavier transfer in the lineup. produced eight points in each of the first two games and an exciting player to watch. last night, he was on the oop end of this alley-oop and he was cleared to play last week by the ncaa. he and the terps are back at it on friday against long island university. and there is no dispute coming the manager of the year is. the nationals davie johnson claimed the national league awardemming out san francisco's bruce bocchi and cinci's dusty baker. johnson won the al manager-of- the-year award with the orioles in no one 97, and the current skipper is up for the award tonight, buck showwalter. tonight, the wizards are on the road against charlotte bobcats. >> thank you. and go to shawn yancy for a
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look at what is coming up at 10. >> we following the developing story tonight. a teenager accused of killing a cab driver in the district is being linked to a random double shooting that left a woman dead in maryland. also, a consumer alert. the baby fragrance is a $30 billion-a-year industry and should parents be concerned about the ingredients in those products. those stories and the story in a special report coming up on fox 5 news at 10. brian. >> and thank you, shawn. i'll see you at 10. you as well and the news edge at 11. in the meantime, the news is always on keep it here. tmz on tv is pup next -- is up next. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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